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Just a few things I found while organising my fic folder.  (Say that five times fast.)  These are drabbles of exactly 100 words each.  It's actually a writing exercise I really enjoy; I should do it more often.

Most of these aren't exactly fanfic - apart from the first one, the others are what you'd loosely call historical fan fiction.  In other words, they incorporate real people (although they're all long dead) into fictional relationships or situations, so if that squicks you, please take this as fair warning.

These fall into three "fandoms":  Miss Saigon, RPS set in the late Roman Republic, and the Spyverse, which is a kind of crossover universe I invented (explained further below).  All are slashy except the first one... which is only slashy if you squint. ;)  Ratings range from G to a soft R, and are marked on the individual stories.


Miss Saigon drabble )

Roman RPS drabbles )

What is the Spyverse? )


Spyverse drabbles )

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Transformations 1

Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover
Rating:  PG
Pairing:  Janeway/vampire!Willow, if you squint
Warnings:  Very oblique femslash, and rampant abuse of the space/time continuum
Spoilers:  This is wildly AU, so any spoilers are purely accidental.
Summary:  Sometimes, a new lease on life comes from an unexpected place.  Granted, the timely intervention of a twenty-fourth century spaceship gives a whole new meaning to the term "unexpected".

Notes:  The "Transformations" series is a set of requested fics I wrote for winners of a name-that-quote contest on my personal blog.  This one's for Moray, whose request was, "I have always wondered what it would be like if Janeway of the Enterprise was forced to enter an alternate Sunnydale and rescue and vampiric Willow from herself."
  That isn't quite how this ended up playing out; it's more of a starting point.

It doesn't matter how... )



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