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I'm not evil. I'm morally ambiguous. Ask the narrator.

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A decade ago, I was an ordinary high school student... until that one fateful morning, when, on a class field trip, I was bitten by a radioactive fanfic writer! In that moment, I gained the proportional strength of a fanfic writer! The proportional speed of a fanfic writer! And the proportional caffeine consumption of a languid rhinoceros with a long drive ahead of him! Thrill to my exploits. :)

Anyway, welcome to my fic journal! Here you'll find a range of fanfic, mostly slashy and leaning heavily towards the scifi/fantasy/historical fiction side, as well as a couple of my original stories from time to time. Everything's tagged, bagged, and rated, so go have fun.

As you'll see, I like my heroes tarnished, my villains snarky, and my giant alien robots... well, pretty much any way I can get 'em.

"There are many rules in comedy. The first, I believe, is, 'Never get involved in a land war in Asia.'"
- David Wise
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