Saturday, 18 February 2012

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So, Transformers Prime is back tomorrow.

And if you haven't seen all of the first season, the rest of this post is going to spoil the hell out of you.  Be warned. :)

I am ridiculously, bouncingly excited about this (season two, not spoiling strangers).  I adored the first season, the ending of the season finale made my jaw drop - it was a really daring, really fascinating move on the part of the writers - and I can't wait to see where they go with this.

And, naturally, I'm intrigued to see what new (or revamped) characters they'll be bringing in for season two.  (The fact that David Kaye is going to be voicing one of them makes it all the better.)  Like most fans, I've got my fingers crossed for my favourite G1 characters.  Unfortunately, my list of favourites is a little... idiosyncratic, so I'm not holding out too much hope (although season one did bring us the sadly neglected, ever-awesome Wheeljack, so who knows?).

if the creators do decide to bring in my favourite character who hasn't appeared in Prime yet, I've just thought of a genius way for them to do it.

The latest trailer for season two shows us Starscream - whom we last saw at the end of "Partners", deciding that if he's flying solo, at least he's flying free, and to those who'd ground him, send a message back from him.  (That message being Suck it, Lord Megatron!)  Now, that's exciting enough on its own (we've definitely gone too long without his delectable snark), but here's what I'd love to see:  Starscream comes back and rejoins the Decepticons.  (Bear with me for a second.)  When he sees "Orion Pax" in their ranks, he's visibly shocked.
  For the next few episodes, he seems to be hanging around Optimus an awful lot, dropping sly hints about Optimus's past, and generally sabotaging the shit out of Megatron's victory.  Then the Autobots launch a rescue mission, they end up trapped on the Nemesis at Megatron's mercy...

... and Starscream drops his holographic disguise and hell yes it's Mirage.  

Cue rescue of sheer awesome.

Of course, Mirage (who ended up on Earth, spent some time scoping out the situation, and decided it was a good opportunity to infiltrate the 'Cons) has now blown his cover, so he goes back with the other Autobots.  (The real Starscream, naturally, emerges a few episodes later.)  Mirage's role in Prime would look pretty different from his role in G1, I think:  for a start, it's a little difficult to be the aloof outsider to a team of six peopl
e.  But his role as a spy could open up all kinds of new plotlines - not just spying on the Decepticons, but maybe working with the humans against MECH, as well.  And you could really play with making his invisibility skills more realistically limited and flawed.  Hell, even his pining for the golden past of Cybertron could be fascinatingly controversial:  would Mirage have come from the same kind of privilege Optimus once fought against?

I doubt that Mirage tops most fans' lists of characters they want to see in Prime (if the writers are keeping their ears to the ground, I've got a feeling we're going to be getting the Dinobots instead, worst luck)
, but it's always possible - hell, if only to keep Hasbro's copyright over the name.  Fingers crossed!

(I have to say, though:  if we get movieverse waterskiing Italian sportscar Mirage, I'm gonna be pissed.)


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