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Fandom:  Harry Potter
Rating:  R
Pairing:  Snape/? (with implied Snape/Regulus Black)
Warnings:  Slash.
Spoilers:  Through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
Summary:  They make an odd pair, but Severus has his reasons.  A whole list of them, in fact... and some of them may even be true.
Word Count:  442

There were so many good reasons to do it.

Severus relished the way it made Regulus flush a rather fetching pink and stutter in public, and then turn angry and possessive once he got Severus alone.  Then, of course, there was the fact that it made Bellatrix apoplectic; the very thought of her favourite, her golden-haired boy, sullying himself with the greasy half-blood!  The political side of him understood with cool clarity how important it was to couple himself to someone solidly in the inner circle, especially since Reg’s increasing hesitation was being noticed and remarked upon, and not even the Black family name could keep him in the Dark Lord’s good graces forever; the… less political side of Severus locked the door at night and drew up his robes with careful fingers, baring in front of the mirror the narrow, dark bruises around his thighs and throat, the long scratches down his back and arms, the reddened marks of teeth on his shoulders, and felt a sick, delicious shudder run through him.

There were the secrets the boy might let slip in an unguarded moment, and there was the sweat and silk of the boy’s hair clutched in Severus’ fist, twisting through the long, pale hands as the boy writhed and snarled and begged underneath him.  There was the preternatural skill at Transfiguration - an area where Severus had never particularly excelled – and at the more delicate curses, lessons in which Severus was more than happy to buy with Potions tutelage or with more physical favours.  And there was the deep, aching groan the boy had let out the very first time Severus had buried his fingers painfully into the meager flesh of the boy’s hips and thrust inside him.

And finally, there was the night when Severus had sat in front of the Headmaster’s desk and choked out his confession.  When, in the laundry list of offenses, he’d come to this one, Dumbledore had nodded slowly.  “That, at least, Severus, could be useful to our cause.  Are you willing to continue?”  And before that unabashed blue gaze Severus had recoiled, sputtered, argued, and ultimately relented.

But at the end of the day, he fucked Barty Crouch because it was like touching the core of their revolution – the dark, potent, thrilling, vicious centre of the entire Death Eater movement.  And Severus would never admit it, but long after he turned spy, long after the glittering ideas of the New World Order have crumbled in his mind, one by one, he could still arch under the sinuous heat of Barty’s tongue and, for a brief second, almost believe.


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